Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alert! : I finally like Mass Effect!.... WHA!?

After many disagreements between Josh about me not liking Mass Effect I can now say I am officially hooked! I finished the 1st one 3 days ago during my 5 days of being sick because I had nothing better to do and I must say it is an excellent RPG... I still like Dragon Age: Origins better but not bad. I have tried playing this game 3 separate times in the past year and something finally clicked maybe not being able to move due to being so sick or maybe 3rd time's a charm. In Mass Effect I played through as a female Operative which means I specialized in manipulating the environment along with using pistols. Mass Effect is about a female (or male) Commander Shepherd who becomes involved in the intergalactic council due to awesome achievements and becomes a Spectre. Spectres are there to get the job done... however they see fit and are above the law. You are sent on a mission to chase down a rogue Turian Spectre named Saren and while tracking him down a lot of other things happen and before you know it the Reapers (the voice of destruction) have returned. In the end you defeat Saren but the bigger threat are the Reapers and from that very vague description Mass Effect 2 starts. I have started Mass Effect 2 and I am currently 13 hours into it. Still great but overall I like story line and upgrades better in the first one. I feel as if Bioware simplified the customization options. It makes me happy that 2 lets you change armor color and each armor piece. Also,  it's great to see old faces back like Garrus and Tali! Kadin was a butt so see if I ever let him be my boyfriend again! I don't like Cerberus and I miss the Alliance but that a personal preference. I still have half of the 2nd one to play so for now that's all I have. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3 in March! 
"I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite store in the Citadel."  

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