Thursday, January 31, 2013

Defeat vs. Success

Nothing is worse then someone says that you're not good enough. They say it was a great effort but you just didn't quite make the cut. You then feel upset, defeated, like the one thing you had been working for is just ripped right out of your hands. You don't want to feel upset but the sadness is inevitable. How will you get the energy to try again, but somehow you always do. You stand back up and brush the dirt off of your pants and try again. You know that you are capable of anything as long as you set you mind to it. By finding ways to improve it will be preparation to success next time.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Highlights!

As most people do I look back on 2012 and see what I have accomplished over the past year. So what I'm going to do is take each month and write a paragraph about what went on that month.

I worked super hard on my Frag Doll Cadette application but sadly did not get my application in on time...Long story but here's a part of it. Although I completed the application a good week or two before the due date, my though process was to wait til the last minute to submit it so my name would be one of the last ones seen but, that ended up completely backfiring. I remember freaking out while I ran from Wi-Fi hotspots trying to find somewhere that would upload my vid faster. My best friend Ben was there for moral support. Sadly in the end my video was submitted a few minutes after the deadline. It was pretty intense. Looking back at it I laugh thinking about all the running around I did trying to get that damn video submitted. Take a look at the final vid!

I turned 22 on the 3rd! My friends surprised me by throwing me a fun little party where they baked me a cake and we went roller skating!
My amazing panda cake!


Bradford and I became Starbucks Coffee Masters! And yes, I'm just that short!


My mom and maid of honor planned my bridal showers and I had bridal pics taken!



Converse, Walking down the isle to Never Forget -Halo 3, and a Harley Quinn and The Joker cake topper, this was the big month! I got married to the most amazing guy, Josh! We dated 5 years before tying the knot on May 5th, 2012! The ceremony was beautiful, reception was crazy awesome, and all our family and friends were there to celebrate!

To be continued!...

My Peeps