Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotham City Impostors

Just started playing Gotham City Impostors yesterday and as of right now... so far so good.It's a Light fun game. Team Bats against Team Jokers. It like turf wars like West side story (The Sharks and The Jets) or for those Twilight fans Team Edward or Team Jacob... or as my fiance like to say "Team guy who almost hit Bella with the van in the  first movie"... but that's beside the point. You get the idea. 

I enjoy the customization option with the weapon/gadget load-outs along with character customization. You start out with the very basics and as you play levels you unlock and earn coins to upgrade your character. Each character has different abilities for instance... the girl has faster speed and a guy who is strong but slow. I was impressed with all the customization due to it only being an arcade game but, then again, I haven't played too many arcade games.

As I continue to play I will update and get more info on the game! Stay tune!
Cupcake out!

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