Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moxxi Makeup

This is my trial run of Moxxi makeup so bare with me. I still need some more supplies and yes, for those of you you notice, there are a few mistakes that will be fixed next time. With that said, I hope you enjoy this brief tutorial and my first run through of the makeup!

Supplies you will need:

    1. Start by applying white cream costume makeup with a sponge covering your whole face including  your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Repeat this process 3- 5 times until you have the proper coverage. Use white eyeshadow to fill in any missed spots. Finish it off with a blush brush to even everything out.

    2. For the eyeshadow I used a combination of shimmery tans and golds and added 2 shades of light pink shimmer light pink. The shimmer makes it pop a little more. Apply gold and tan to lid and crease of eye with eye shadow brush then add the pink to just the crease.

    3. I used cream eyeliner with an angled brush to surround the eyes with a thick black line.

    4. to start of, yes, I know the feathery liner on the left is suppose to be on the right (I didn't realize my mistake til' after I finished)
    No back to the tutorial: I used cream and liquid liner to run feathery streaks across my eye and added a thick volumizing mascara.

    5. Lastly I colored over my eyebrows with a dark brown eye pencil, added pink blush on my cheek bones, mixed two shades of lipstick, and added the beauty mark and smirk with liquid eye liner.
    Lips need to be improved with a darker lip liner.

    Although slight vague, I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial of my first trial of Moxxi makeup. More info to come as I practice more!



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    1. TECHNICALLY...and I know nothing about your video games...but you did do the detail to YOUR right eye. Just saying ;)


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